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Want to Innovate Like a Startup?

Discover how our Q-ideate platform can help you to cultivate a culture of intrapreneurship and deliver innovation results for your company.

When leading global enterprises need a robust engine to drive their innovation management programs…

...they come to us.

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Meet Qmarkets...

Our Mission

We are dedicated to helping organizations deliver results across their whole innovation ecosystem, from disruptive innovation to continuous improvement, to trend scouting. 

Our Story

Inspired by the “Wisdom of Crowds”, Qmarkets has grown over the last 15 years into a multinational company with  hundreds of customers, partners & employees, spread across the globe.

Our Method

At Qmarkets we use field-proven best practices to deliver award winning off-the-shelf idea & innovation management platforms with unmatched configuration functionality and design flexibility.

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A Leading Enterprise Supplier of Idea & Innovation Management Software

The Top-Rated Innovation Dashboard on Earth

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Qmarkets - A Market Leading Innovation Platform

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“The level of configuration that is possible
with the technology is impressive, enabling
customers to create a highly tailored
innovation management solution
extensive custom development.”

Easily Tailored to the Most Complex Needs…

What are you looking to transform?

Here’s why...

"A single idea from the Qmarkets platform has resulted in almost $40 million of added value for the business.”

Juan Fernando Correa
Project Analyst to COO

“Qmarkets platform allows configuration of the idea management process tailored to our unique needs and goals. We’re seeing ROI in both savings and earnings, with ideas to improve processes, existing products and services, and even new businesses and markets. This is already delivering impact for us.”

Viki Almog-Ayzenberg
Business Innovation Manager

“We wanted to give our teams a simple, accessible, and engaging way to submit their ideas. But it was also important for us to choose a system that could be reconfigured to match our established workflow format, and Qmarkets represented the right solution.”

Gil Castillo
Senior Group Manager, Advanced Vehicle Strategy of Hyundai Motor America

"The Qmarkets platform has helped us to generate over 15,000 ideas, with a forecasted value of over $9.5 million."

Lorenz Wyss
Head of Ideation & Idea Management

“This platform provides a central backbone to the corporate strategic “FastForward” initiative I co-lead, contributing to the transformation of our company into a customer-centric obsessed, agile and entrepreneurial organization.”

Vincent Ducret
Head of FastForward Communities

Want to take a look under the hood of Qmarkets’ platform?


From ideation through to implementation, Qmarkets offers an advanced suite of features every step of the way.

Concerned about IT requirements and guarding your IP? Qmarkets can help provide peace of mind.


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