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Amplify performance excellence by leveraging the collective intelligence of your employees with our continuous improvement software.

Streamline Your Business Processes
With Q-optimize

Create and cultivate a
company-wide culture of
Performance Excellence

Leverage Kaizen to proliferate cross departmental best-practice sharing

Drive clear bottom line results through advanced analytics
and reporting tools

Seamless integration with
existing Lean, Agile, and 
Process Improvement

What The Experts Say...

"Given rapid changes in the workplace, continuous improvement is vital. It’s a highly effective mindset, culture, and toolkit for navigating, focusing, and iteratively improving amidst the rapid changes companies are undergoing."

"Building a culture of continuous innovation holds significant rewards for enterprises that want to unleash the untapped potential of their broader employee base."

"Continuous innovation requires challenging assumptions and a willingness to stop doing things that worked before. Thus, fostering a culture of innovation is a must."

"Organizations with cultures that value continuous improvement are far better at changing their processes and staying competitive."

One Solution to Promote your Entire
Continuous Improvement Mission

Continuous Improvement Software - continuous excellence

Boost Performance Excellence Initiatives

Harness employee ideas for boosting work process efficiency throughout your company with our continuous improvement software. 

Drive a Culture of Best Practice Sharing

Break down silos to discover improvements which can be implemented company-wide and deliver a huge impact.

Optimize Cost Savings & Waste Reduction

Leverage the collective intelligence of your employees against the strategic operational excellence challenges of your company.

Continuous Improvement Practices - open innovation software

Transform Customer Experience

Cultivate a customer-centric culture by asking your employees to submit ideas for eliminating pitfalls and bottlenecks, in order to improve your customer journey.

Gather Ideas

Launch targeted campaigns to collect continuous improvement ideas from employees


Invite experts to assess ideas against predefined KPIs, and automatically progress them through your managerial hierarchy


Undertake comparative analysis to identify ideas with the highest cost-benefit value


Manage implementation of promising ideas through built-in project tracking or 3rd party integration

Measure ROI & Reward

Use powerful analytics to measure results and compensate idea owners accordingly

Q-optimize Process

Unmatched Process Improvement

We offer one of the most powerful continuous improvement tools on the market…

Comprehensive role definition and permission control
Comprehensive role definition
and permission control
Comprehensive role definition and permission control
Automated or manual idea
evaluation workflows
Comprehensive role definition and permission control
Fully responsive and optimized for viewing on any device
Comprehensive role definition and permission control
Fully multi-
Comprehensive role definition and permission control
Intuitive self-admin
Comprehensive role definition and permission control
Powerful reporting,
KPI & ROI Tracking
Comprehensive role definition and permission control
Built-in project tracking functionality
Comprehensive role definition and permission control
Configurable idea
submission form templates
Comprehensive role definition and permission control
On-premise or
secured cloud
Comprehensive role definition and permission control
Custom branding

Zooming in on Q-optimize

Continuous improvement software - home

Receive Brilliant Ideas From Bottom Up

Intelligent & Automated Evaluation Process

Measure Your ROI

Qmarkets' Innovation Management Ecosystem

Meet Qmarkets’ vision of the corporate innovation ecosystem. This diagram aims to encapsulate the full spectrum of strategic innovation activity; from the many potential sources of inspiration and insight, through the varied systems and processes of idea development, to the bottom-line outcomes and deliverables that are ultimately generated.

Front End Discovery
Innovate & Craft
Research, track, and manage relevant trends to create a collaborative knowledgebase that can help fuel innovation across your company.
Trace, evaluate and manage your technology scouting activities, to optimize your ability to bring more successful partnerships and new technology adoption into your company.
The leading idea management solution for capturing the collective intelligence of any audience to generate ground-breaking results.
Maximize the results of continuous improvement and performance excellence initiatives by leveraging the collective intelligence of your employees.
Easily manage the progress & impact of all you innovation projects using one central, intuitive & collaborative space.

Resounding Accolades

Discover why Qmarkets is consistently recognized by leading analysts as a multi-award winning solution.

Read G2's 2020 Spring Grid Report for Idea Management Software

Read Gartner’s 2016 Market Guide for Innovation Management Solutions

Read MWD Advisors' report on Qmarkets’ packaged approach to innovation, 2018

Continuous Improvement Practices - performance excellence

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Unleash winning strategies for optimizing productivity, reducing waste, and driving continuous improvement throughout your enterprise.

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